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Valentine’s Day and Fencing

We’re not ones to go out to restaurants on Valentine’s Day (we prefer the 13, or 15th, or practically any other day), but we found ourselves back at the Russell House Tavern for an early cocktail.  When we arrived, a bartender from another restaurant in the neighborhood was sipping a bourbon in preparation for the busy Valentine’s night which he would soon face.

Shortly after we arrived, two proud MIT parents (she in jersey proclaiming “MIT MOM”) who were extremely engaging sat by us.  As they had been married for 37 years, they were perfectly content toasting their Valentine’s Day with two random strangers at a bar.  We had a blast chatting with them about children, failed romances, small business ownership, New Jersey, Central Square vs. Harvard Square, paying for college education, and on and on and on.  Cocktails extended into dinner at the bar.  Dan and I shared a House Charcuterie Board and a steak tartare, while our new friends enjoyed a Dirty Caesar and an Angry Queen Pizza (if I remember correctly.)

Cocktails, dinner, conversation, and laughs were so enjoyable that we tagged along with the parents to Harvard’s Maklin Athletic Center to watch their son compete in the Beanpot Tournament for fencing: Harvard, MIT, Brandeis, and Boston College.  We watched with great pleasure at all of the thrusting and parrying – which has us tempted to take fencing lessons.  We’ll keep you posted.

Posted by Benson Willis, General Manager of Hotel Veritas


Bar Hopping in Harvard Square

I tend to bar hop a bit, and Harvard Square is ideal for this little hobby. This past Friday was a beautiful (and not too chilly) night to wander around the Square. We started early at the Russell House Tavern, one of our favorite local spots. Chef Michael Scelfo not only knows how to butcher a pig, but he’s kind enough to share pictures while he’s doing it. I recommend following his tweets. RHT serves Jack D’Or from Pretty Things, so I’m always happy there.

Next, we swung by the newly opened First Printer, on Dunster Street. New, as in a week old. The bartender was very nice and clearly excited to have the bar full. Enjoyed a bowl of Guinness Beef Stew. Of course, I’ll never judge a restaurant on one visit, especially during opening week – so I’ll definitely go back.

Thought we’d go visit our great friends at Upstairs on the Square, but they were closing early for a private event for Hasty Pudding. We could only enjoy one quick cocktail. They recently renovated and added a new bar and pizza oven and we’ll head over again soon to try those out.

Rialto was our next sipping spot. We love the bar here because the service is always wonderful and the cocktails tasty. Jody Adams is one of the nicest chefs we know and always incredibly generous. The patrons are quite interesting and you’ll never know which Nobel winner you’ll be sitting beside.

Last stop was Charlies Kitchen because I had a hankering for a double cheeseburger.

Posted by Benson Willis, General Manager of Hotel Veritas