"..won’t satisfy everyone’s tastes and wants. It is too small to do that and too smart to try." Boston Globe

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A Night at Pigalle

My friend and I had been talking about a weekend in Montreal for ages, we were hoping it would happen this spring, it didn’t. So in lieu of a trip to a francophone land, we decided to have an exquisite French meal. During our tenure in Boston we had both heard amazing things about Pigalle, a small French restaurant nestled in Boston’s Theater district. The chef, James Beard nominee Marc Orfaly, is constantly lauded for his culinary creations.  I am happy to perpetuate the ‘word-of-mouth,’ for Pigalle, that “You must go there!”

The restaurant is small and intimate. The decor really suits the restaurant. Whomever did the decorating knew the integrity of the restaurant, it feels perfect.

The people at Pigalle are warm, they really took care of us. I felt like a guest as opposed to a patron, a feeling that makes the restaurant experience very memorable.

At the bar was Jack and the Friday night “pop-up oyster bar.” Pop-up Oyster Bars are a new summer trend that Pigalle hosts on Friday nights. You can sit at the bar and enjoy Jack’s oyster knowledge while he shucks some of the best bivalves.

The food is remarkable, really, I know because I have been constantly talking about it. Can I recommend an entire menu? I really wanted to peak in the kitchen and see how it was orchestrated. I consider myself a great cook, but I could not recreate any of our courses at home.

Pigalle is a gem, a setting to have memorable moments, food that you’ll dream about, and meet people that will charm you. If you’re looking for a quicker trip, they offer a generous theater and bar menu.  No matter the occasion, I recommend Pigalle.

A votre sante,


Posted by Laurie, Concierge at Hotel Veritas