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Wednesday Tacos at Green Street

Central Square is a ten minute walk from Hotel Veritas, but about a million miles from Harvard Square.  Dan and I met at Green Street, a back-street, one-story, brick-front building which we would absolutely avoid if we didn’t know how great it was.  The restaurant opens at 5:30pm –  not 5:29pm, we’ve tried – and the bar is sometimes packed by 5:31pm.

I had my usual Grey Goose with a splash of soda and a wedge of orange.  As much as I love Green Street, they still don’t serve Bully Boy or Ice Glen, but they have some of the best bartenders in Boston and Cambridge.  Dan started with with classic gibson, then segued into an aqueduct.  Wednesday is taco night (for Tuesday Taco night go to Tremont 647 in Boston), so Dan snacked on the mahi, steak, and pork tacos.  I loved/hated the chicken wings with nuoc cham, basil, coriander. By hated, I mean loved.

We left early in order to get home in time for a new episode of Modern Family, the best comedy currently on television.

Posted by Benson Willis, General Manager of Hotel Veritas