"..won’t satisfy everyone’s tastes and wants. It is too small to do that and too smart to try." Boston Globe

100th “Excellent” Review on TripAdvisor for Hotel Veritas!

Since Hotel Veritas opened in May of 2010, we are honored to have received so many great reviews posted on TripAdvisor by our guests.  This week, we received our 100th “Excellent” review and we are so thrilled.  We do read every review which is posted, because listening to our guests is extremely important to us.  We love when we make a connection with our guests and are disappointed when we fall short on meeting their expectations.  The reviews of Hotel Veritas on TripAdvisor allow us to acknowledge the staff who strive each day to deliver the highest level of service and to fine tune our operations in order to satisfy our guests’ needs.

We’ve been very fortunate that most of the reviews have been very complimentary of the service, decor, location, and amenities of the hotel.  The ongoing concerns which are expressed are the small size of our rooms and the noise from the street and subway – two things which we can’t change.  While it may seem strange, we truly love when guests post about these issues, because it helps potential guests determine if we are the right choice for them.

Thank you to the 131 guests who have posted their reviews of Hotel Veritas on TripAdvisor – and especially to the 100 who rated us as “Excellent!”


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