"..won’t satisfy everyone’s tastes and wants. It is too small to do that and too smart to try." Boston Globe

ONCE opens on Broadway

I have seen the movie ‘Once‘ too many times, and I cannot wait to see it again. ‘Once’ is independent film that in 2007 spread like wild fire through word-of-mouth acclaim. The movie was made with a very low budget, $160,000! The movie was written and directed by Irishman John Carney. The movie stars Glen Hansard (‘guy’) and Markéta Irglová (‘girl’), chronicling their lives for about a week; from their first meet on Grafton Street (not to be confused with the gastropub around the corner from us), to the recording of an album. As the Broadway Website perfectly  proclaims “His music needed one thing – her.”

Last year, The American Repertory Theater’s fantastic venue Club Oberon hosted a pre-Broadway workshop of ‘Once’. The theater is intimate, allowing for a very raw, personal experiences between the actors and the theater goers. It was probably my favorite theater experience ever.

The show is now open on Broadway. I highly encourage people to let their curiosity guide them to the show!




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