"..won’t satisfy everyone’s tastes and wants. It is too small to do that and too smart to try." Boston Globe

Free Burrito for Charity Day at Boloco

Boloco Ordering App

Today Boloco hosts free burrito day at its Harvard Square location (71 Mt Auburn Street, Cambridge) from 11am – 8pm in honor of the company’s 15th birthday.  All mini & small burritos and bowls are FREE (and original size is just $1).

In exchange for a free burrito, Boloco is asking guests to bring a buck or two to donate to Life is good Playmakers, the charitable arm of Life is good, an organization that focuses on play to help kids overcome violence, poverty, and illness.  In the first eight free burrito days this month, boloco guests have donated over $14,000 but still have more than $10,000 to go towards the audacious goal of $25,000.and only seven Free Burrito Days left.

Today, Boloco hopes to feed as many Harvard Square residents and business folk as possible.  And, raise a few dollars, too.  Because remember, in the simple words of Life is good’s Jake and Rocket, “Takers may eat well, but givers sleep well.”

Boloco, 71 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA


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