"..won’t satisfy everyone’s tastes and wants. It is too small to do that and too smart to try." Boston Globe

I’m not a vegan, but I can shop like one

On Sunday, we were invited to join some friends at Posto in Davis Square for brunch. The wood fired pizzas at Posto are spectacular – and they’re made to the standards of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which means that they use the same ingredients and techniques as used in and around Naples.  For brunch, I had the Ham & Eggs Pizza, which has two soft eggs, rosemary ham, Vermont cheddar cheese and served with home fries. I also nibbled on some warm sweet rolls which the table shared.  A Grey Goose and OJ rounded out the meal.

Since we don’t often walk from Davis Square to Harvard Square – and Sunday was a gorgeous Spring day – we decided to take a stroll. This stretch of Massachusetts Avenue is filled with locally-owned shops and restaurants, barely a national chain store amongst them.  We ventured in and out of a few shops – my favorite being Sudo Shoes, Cambridge’s only shoe store featuring completely vegan footwear.  While I have many friends who are vegans, I have never had the desire to remove meat from my diet.  I don’t mind, however, wearing a stylish pair of Macbeth sneakers.

Give up sirloin and bacon? Never.  Wear synthetic suede? Sure.

Posto187 Elm St, Davis Square, Somerville, MA   617.625.0600
Sudo Shoes, 1771 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA   617.354.1771

Posted by Benson Willis, General Manager of Hotel Veritas


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