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Harvard Crimson: The Rise of Harvard Basketball

For the first time since 1946, Harvard has earned a place in the NCAA tournament. The Harvard Crimson has great article on this tremendous achievement.

“On the night of March 5, 2011, 400 Harvard undergraduates gathered in a cramped, aging building on the far side of the Charles River. They cheered and chanted, and they believed their team would win. And indeed it did, as the Crimson defeated Princeton to win a share of its first-ever Ivy League championship.

One year later, the Harvard men’s basketball team managed to pull it off again.

Penn’s 62-52 loss to Princeton Tuesday evening let the Crimson clinch the school’s first-ever outright Ivy League championship and send it to its first NCAA tournament since 1946.

The story of how it reached that milestone—one that overcame 112 years of on-court mediocrity—involves far more than just a 19-man roster that went 26-4 during its regular season.

It encompasses a coach in search of redemption, an athletic director determined to oversee the rebirth of one of the most maligned programs in college basketball, and an impassioned group of Harvard graduates with the resources to do something about it.”


By Catherine E. Coppinger, Martin Kessler, Scott A. Sherman, and Dennis J. Zheng, CRIMSON STAFF WRITERS


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