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Before Spring Break, You Deserve a Midterm Break!

It’s about that time of year, where students celebrate the half-way mark (!!!) of the Spring semester, by heading  home or on vacation for Spring Break! But students, don’t forget – you deserves a nice retreat from studying during midterms week!

Being inside a stuffy study room or library can be draining. Lack of exercise can make us sluggish. Stress increases the cortisol hormone to flow through your body and increases your appetite! So why not take a study break, get in a quick walk  for beautiful fresh air, and pick up a a delicious healthy treat along the way! May we suggest a smoothie and burrito at Boloco? A salad and horchata (an amazing mexican almond milk!) at Anna’s Taqueria? A custom made bowl of noodles and a fresh squeezed juice at Wagamama? Or, my favorite comfort food, the twin lobster roll and waffle fries at Charlie’s Kitchen. You get exercise, a change of scenery, a full belly, and new energy to conquer the next assignment!

If you need a change of scenery, but need to take your work with you, stake out a seat in one of the Harvard Square hideaways! Cafe Algiers is a beautiful two-story cafe. You can head to Algiers, start with a pot of tea and end the night with a glass of wine– without any of the disruptive bar crowd! Also, for a great cup of tea, and a pretty calm setting head to Dado tea! Between Dado’s two Cambridge locations, they have a wealth of teas and lovely desserts to hit the sweet spot!

Have a free afternoon or evening? Treat yourself to a massage– you do deserve it! We love Inman Oasis! They even have budget-friendly community hot tubs! Head to Inman Oasis solo or with ‘the crew’ and enjoy a relaxing soak!

Still bugging for some exercise? Skip the crowded gym and head to Karma Yoga Studios in Cambridge or Boston where you can exercise your student ID and reach shavasana at a discounted rate– what a bargain!?

Good luck!



Posted by Laurie, Concierge at Hotel Veritas


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