"..won’t satisfy everyone’s tastes and wants. It is too small to do that and too smart to try." Boston Globe

Teach a Man to Fish…

Here at the Simple Truth Lounge, our entire staff is well-versed on the art of mixing cocktails. Talk about transferable skills! If this is something you’d like on your resume, then head over to Waterline tonight in Boston, where you can be schooled on four home-mixology musts: aviation, mint julep, vodka collins, and old-fashioned. The class will use regionally sourced tipple from Berkshire Mountain Distillers, whose vodka, gin, and whiskey are best sellers here.

What: Imbiber 101 – hands-on class includes light bites and seasonal cocktails
Where: Waterline, Boston Marriott Long Wharf, 296 State St., Waterfront.
When: March 1, 2012 at 6:00PM
Cost:  $25
Advance reservations required: 617-227-3838


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