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Weekend Service Finally Set to Resume on the Red Line T!

While this news may be far more appreciated and exciting for those of us who live in the area and trek to work daily via public transportation, it’s still very exciting to hear that the $80 million project is coming to a close, and on time and within budget!  This is great news considering the fare increased that was just approved to help the financially struggling MBTA.

Finally, no more cold, dreary nights elbowing each other at an overly crowed bus stop for an overly crowed bus to shuttle us between stops during the worst months of the year!  (Why they didn’t schedule this during the summer when students are home and the weather pleasant, I don’t know.  But I don’t run the T, and if I did, nobody would get anywhere on time or efficiently, so good thing I don’t!)

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said this weekend ends the shuttle schedule between the Harvard to Alewife stops.  He says in an email, “This weekend will be the last weekend that buses replace service between Cambridge and Somerville.”

The project, though inconvenient and long, was a necessary one to repairs vital parts of the Red Line tracks that could pose serious danger in the future.

So while the T may not be an everyday necessity for you, you can be rest assured that when visiting Harvard and the Cambridge area in the near future, you will easily be able to hop over to Davis Square, visit the Tufts campus, or just cruise from one end of the Red Line to the other without needing a taxi or shuttle.

If you want, check out the Boston Globe article!

Posted by Annie, Concierge at Hotel Veritas


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