"..won’t satisfy everyone’s tastes and wants. It is too small to do that and too smart to try." Boston Globe

A Renewed Appreciation for Harvard Square

As someone who’s been living, working, and playing in Harvard Square for the better part of a year, it didn’t occur to me that my one week vacation would be anything more than a brief reprieve from outerwear and email. But a funny thing happened to me when I emerged from the depths of the Harvard Square T-stop yesterday. Having come straight from the airport, and before, straight from the beach, I was hit by an unexpected wave of… was it nostalgia? Déjà vu? At any rate, I was struck by the crisp air, the sunlit architecture, and the buzzing energy of the square.  I felt like Owen Wilson’s charactar in Midnight in Paris (which Woody Allen took home and Oscar for last night!), transported somewhere wonderful, somewhere that is both familiar and new.

I couldn’t help but appreciate how lucky I was – most people are not so giddy upon returning from a winter getaway. But it also occurred to me that I was seeing Harvard Square through fresh eyes, and feeling the way many of our guests must feel upon arrival. It was a unique shift in perspective, and one I will try to remember.

I celebrated my return with a dark hot chocolate at L.A. Burdick and decided I barely missed the beach.

Posted by Nicole, Sales Manager at Hotel Veritas


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