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Spectacular Ballet – a building away!

I had the fabulous opportunity to see the Jose Mateo Ballet Company perform “Classical Lovers,” last Friday.

It was my first time in the ethereal Sanctuary Theater, Jose Mateo’s main stage. The theater shares the sanctuary with the  Old Cambridge Baptist Church. On Friday night, half the sanctuary served as the stage, and the other half was table seating for the audience. The audience is fantastically close the to the performers and could catch their movement, facial expressions, muscle definition. I have not seen ballerinas perform so up-close since I practiced ballet myself! The ballerinas and danseurs had excellent technique, they were light on their feet; their movement flowed with grace while maintaining perfect poise. The choreography was spellbinding- I forgot the outside world, I was lost in the dramatic love stories danced before me.

Last week was a long week, and it was beautifully restorative to relax with a glass of Merlot, ballet, and the beautiful music of Schubert, Bach and Haydn. I recommend the Jose Mateo Ballet Company to everyone who could use a quick get-away!

Posted by Laurie, Concierge at Hotel Veritas


2 responses

  1. katiebabes22

    where can one purchase tickets for the show?? it sounds delightful!!

    February 24, 2012 at 12:44 pm

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