"..won’t satisfy everyone’s tastes and wants. It is too small to do that and too smart to try." Boston Globe

Bar Hopping in Back Bay

Yesterday was another night of roaming; this time in Back Bay in Boston.  We started in the afternoon with a quick cocktail on the first floor of Bistro du Midi.  We love windows overlooking the sidewalk and Public Garden.

Next, a stop at The Bristol Lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel.  The tone and crowd at the Bristol can be hushed, as it was this late afternoon, or buzzing later in the evening.  One of our favorite nights here was Christmas night a few months ago when the bar was packed with many friends who stayed in town for the holidays.  The Bristol is popular amongst  noted Bostonians – and yesterday was no different, with Joseph Kennedy III a few seats away. He didn’t ask for our advice on his campaign which he just announced the day before.

We moved to Post 390 for a quick cocktail. The chef, Eric Brennan, is an old colleague (we both worked at the Four Seasons and Mistral)  and a great chef.  Guy Neil, the general manager, is really one of the nicest guys in world.   The bar was packed with the post-work crowd. There’s a big bar downstairs and a roaring fire to warm us up on the cool day.  A smaller bar is upstairs, when we occasionally go to hide out.

We were so close to Mistral, the we had to swing by for dinner.  Dan had a craving for their renowned tuna tartare with crispy wontons, ginger and soy.  I started with the French onion soup with a towering gruyere pastry crust.  We then shared the Black Burgundy Truffle Macaroni with Madeira and Parmesan, which was worth every calorie – not that we try to count on nights like this.

Posted by Benson Willis, General Manager of Hotel Veritas

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